How to Achieve

Zero Deaths in Traffic


Here to Stay

  • Learn what ADAS is and why it’s part of the new road safety paradigm.
  • Learn how this opens up opportunities to offer new crucial services as a general repair shop.
  • Keep your clients safer on the road.

Every day 3,700 lives are lost globally because of traffic accidents. Almost half of all new cars have numerous safety systems installed aimed at reducing risks, but these systems need to be calibrated regularly to do their job well.

Learn how your business can tap into this newly established technology, offering crucial services to your customers while keeping them safer on the road.

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    What is included in this demonstration

    In this video you will learn how your business can play an important role in the very ambitious target of Zero Deaths in Traffic, while at the same time developing your business model in the form of service offerings.

    We will demonstrate how easily and accurately you can carry out the calibration of your customers’ safety-critical systems.


    Car-O-Liner® is one of the world’s leading brands in workshop equipment for collision and service repair shops. The company’s roots trace back to 1973, and since its inception,
    Car-O-Liner® has provided precision, reliability, and innovation to our customers’ workplaces. Our engineers have excelled in implementing new technology for measuring and wheel alignment systems, such as the first use of 3D imaging technology, setting new standards in the industry.

    In the same spirit, Car-O-Liner® actively supports workshops so they can best meet future challenges. Thanks to Tru-Point™, workshops can now offer ADAS recalibrations to their customers, knowing that these features actively contribute to safer vehicles on our roads.

    Nick Halliwell

    Special Projects Manager,
    Snap-On Equipment EMEA

    Nick comes equipped with over two decades of experience in the industry, having started as a technician and evolved into several sales/service and business development roles. As a special projects manager, he uses his extensive knowledge of the industry to drive business outcomes for the vast umbrella of Snap-on® companies and their customers’ specific needs.

    Christopher Ivory


    Christopher has extensive experience in the automotive industry, with 21 years of work for OEMs and tool manufacturers. As a product manager, he is responsible for wheel alignment and tire service equipment. His work includes providing direct support to OEMs and workshops to meet their unique needs and requirements for the right equipment.